The Greatest Wealth is Health

Use Essential Oils, Delicious Eating Habits, the Power of Your Mind and Feng Shui to find Wellness

Today, I can truly say I'm happy. No, I don't lead a perfect life, but I'm loving life and feeling satisfied. I didn't always feel this way.

In 2012, I was putting in so many hours at work and dealing with the stresses of daily life. Though I did pretty good at trying to manage all the balls in the air, my body couldn't handle it anymore. Pain quickly became something I struggled with on a regular basis, making the simplest tasks incredibly difficult, keeping me up at night, making me moody around my family and effecting my decision making at work.

When I realized that stress was the root cause of my discomforts, I chose to take steps to improve my lifestyle by changing my eating habits, meditating, using essential oils, exercising and practicing feng shui. These steps helped me feel good and find peace and joy in my life. You can do it too!

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